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You choose your cause, you choose the impact
ORUPA gives you complete flexibility on choosing not just the non-profit organisation or the cause you wish to contribute to, but also the impact you would like to create. ie A direct contribution towards the welfare of the artisans and an appreciation of their artistic skill and diligence.
Your contribution reaches the beneficiary you have chosen
ORUPA currently meets its overhead costs through grants.
If a project is on ORUPA, it is certified
To ensure that your money reaches the right people and is utilized appropriately, ORUPA initiated the Credibility Alliance Norms. Every listed organisation is scrutinized for accountability and transparency before being taken on board.
Detailed feedback on how your money is utilised
ORUPA coordinates with its partners to give you a detailed feedback on how your money is used ensuring complete transparency.
Save on Tax while you do a good deed
Your contributions to ORUPA will receive tax exemptions provided u/s 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.
Run by professionals who have chosen to make a difference
ORUPA is run by professionals and corporates from various walks of life who have given up their careers to help the less fortunate.

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